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Paladin Performance September 2016

The key focus for our September issue of Paladin Performance is Learning and Development, but more specifically the possibilities of online learning. It is quite incredible what advances in technology have done for the world of education. Education is becoming far more widespread and far more affordable. At Paladin we are passionate about education, and we truly believe that education is a lifelong journey that should only flourish with time.

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Paladin Performance August 2016

The theme for this month's issue is on leadership. Not only is leadership growing in significance in the work place, its functional role is also shaping to match the changing work landscape. Paladin Performance offers some insights on how to develop leadership using a sporting analogy, as well as provides statistics to show how global organisations view their internal leadership systems.

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Paladin Performance July 2016

Topics covered in this month's short and exciting issue of Paladin Performance: our SA Icon at the Rio Olympic Games; ​Stress and proactive ways to tackle it; the power of technology with a focus on the BPS sector; and some fast facts about the internet and social media. Don't forget to watch a great video, from the Hardvard Business Review, on turning stress into a positive!  

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Paladin Performance June 2016

The puzzle of motivation...Read this month's edition of Paladin Performance for some interesting, stimulating and fresh insight into motivation and how to stratgecially manage it to drive business performance.


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Paladin Performance May 2016

Read this month's special edition of Paladin Performance highlighting the importance of literacy and skills development, and the significance of the BPO Industry with regards to South Africa's current socio economic status.

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Paladin Performance April 2016

Paladin Performance kicked off last month with an introduction to our exciting and fresh perspective on the power of sport to achieve ultimate business performance. Paladin takes pride in building business capability through un-locking human performance. These next 10 Issues of Volume 1 are aimed at taking you, our readers, on a punchy, inspiring and innovative perspective on performance tips grounded in sporting philosophies (adapted from The Parity between Sport and Work) – with a few surprise issues in between!

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Paladin Performance March 2016

Paladin Performance would like to use the opportunity of a monthly newsletter to enlighten you with some personal perspectives and tips on business performance within the context of what Paladin Consulting offers as a company. Each newsletter will have a particular focus, complemented by current and relevant content on subjects directly related to Human Performance in the Business Process Services Sector.