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Paladin Performance Jan/Feb

In our first issue of Paladin Performance for 2018 we explore three topics that share the common themes of 'digital transformation' and 'the skills of tomorrow' - how is the nature of education, qualifications and corporate training changing as digital technologies open up vast opportunities and specialistion whilst reducing the shelf-life of much content today; how LMSs are poorly received by a surprisingly high number of organsations, why LMSs are not meeting expectations, and assessing how new learning models are dictating the tools required for effective digital learning; and finally we

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Paladin Performance Nov/Dec

In our final issue of Paladin Performance we assess what the gig economy is and what the implications are for the way in which we work, we take look at contact center benchmarking reports to substantiate the need for strong English abilities dispite the increase in automation and other channels, we do a brief recap of some of the important trends and topics we have covered over the year, and we close off with some elearning trends for 2018 from Docebo.


The gig economy: transforming the way we work

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Paladin Performance October

Read the October issue of Paladin Performance for an interesting look into workplace stress statistics and how to manage these stressors according to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, the rise of virtual teams and one of the keys to a successfully performing virtual team, concepts from the Outcome Guide to enhance your instructional design and learning models, and some recommendations of short courses, course specialisations and qualifications from the MOOC Coursera.


Understanding and managing workplace stress

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Paladin Performance September

Read the September issue of Paladin Performance for a light read on a variety of topics, from learning pedagogies to apply to transformative online learning, to how mobile apps can be used to build the organisation of the future and aid the employee experience, to principles of sport to apply to the world of work.


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Paladin Performance August

In this month's edition of Paladin Performance, we touch on 6 principles of brain based learning to implement in the virtual classroom to boost learner engagement and knowledge retention; how learning has transformed into a continuous learning experience facilitated by experiential, social and informal learning; how South Africa rates in digital IQ compared to global standards and how to position an organisation in the Digital Maturity Journey; and how Deloitte's 2017 Global H

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Paladin Performance July

In this month's edition of Paladin Performance, we tackle key skills shortages and where Learning and Development fall short in providing adequate and suited learning interventions, the successful tranferral of knowledge and skills to the workplace by analysing the difference between one-dimensional learning and dynamic learning, our Paladin Performance Academy offerings, the lack of supervisory skills in South Africa, and whether or not emotional intelligence is a non-easily automated task.


The skills paradox

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Paladin Performance February

Education, for Paladin, forms a core component of both our business consulting services as well as our new Paladin Performance Online Academy. So we bring to you research and opinion on current and relevant topics prevalent in the higher educational and workplace spheres in this edition of our Paladin Performance Newsletter. 

On the menu for this month's read:

South Africa's Higher Education Future

The Skills Gap in the Education-Workplace Value Chain

Getting "Creative" with the Rise of Automation

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Paladin Performance January 2017

Our first newsletter for the year kicks off with a focus on elearning, why? We at Paladin are greatly excited to announce that we are embarking on our Paladin Performance Online Academy vision, in partnership with the internationally acclaimed Chart Learning Solutions on their Learning Management System (LMS).

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2016 Year End

Thanking all our clients, partners and networks for the excellent support during 2016.

We hope to continue sharing our people and sport inspired vision with you.

Click here to watch our year end message from the Paladin team.


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Paladin Performance October 2016

This issue of Paladin Performance is the last of our written newsletters for the 2016 year. It has been an exciting year sharing our passion for sport and performance, and how we correlate those components with the workplace. We focus on an interesting perspective on 'business nutrition' and how to nourish the business system with vital micro-nutrients.