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Why Doesn't Training Work

Why doesn't training work?

The recipe lies in the Performance Assurance System...

 When you are ready to take the next step with your employees, partners and customers!


The Blended Learning Training Accountabilty Platform with built-in content for your performance!


28 Nov 2016 Written by Andy Searle In

Learning and Accountability

​Performance Based Learning and Accountability

Performance based learning is a learning methodology in which learning content and delivery are designed and enabled for a very relevant, specific and measureable outcome or goal that is competitive against your own maximum potential or higher external standard.

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Convivial Learning - BPS, SA

Convivial learning was the topic for discussion at the Columba Leadership Annual Investor Event, but what is convivial learning? Convivial learning, according to Columba Leadership, is the collaboration of elements of real life social challenges with workplace education: project management, critical thinking, communication, goal setting, team work, self management and leading others. This is greatly exciting for the future of the South African BPS Sector and any industries' skills development.

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Hammanskraal BPO Park

One month ago today, the soil was turned at the site of the new BPO Park in Hammanskraal. The significance of this cannot be understated. Having worked very hard to earn our stripes as a BPO destination of choice among the community of global captive and 3rd party BPO operators, we are now moving into a new era of potential growth that offers hope for new job creation and skills development where every intervention like this must succeed.