Paladin Consulting

Paladin Consulting is an established performance-focused learning and development consultancy servicing the South African market. Our focus is on operational performance optimization and skills development, for which we have an established track record since 2002. Our special interest is in the Business Process Services Industry which continues to represent a tremendous opportunity for South Africa to create new jobs and build relevant and transferrable skills that will stand our young people in good stead throughout their working careers. The way in which today's generations learn and develop is being radically transformed with new technologies and the latest performance based instructional design methods enabling much shorter time to productivity, highly effective on-the job learning and real time support using case based reasoning informed by holistic customer and business centric knowledge (tacit and formal).

We bring the psychology of learning the science of high performance, and the latest technologies together to design, build and implement relevant and highly effective skills development interventions that unlock the power of people performance for extraordinary high returns on human capital investment for our clients.