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Paladin Performance April 2016

Paladin Performance kicked off last month with an introduction to our exciting and fresh perspective on the power of sport to achieve ultimate business performance. Paladin takes pride in building business capability through un-locking human performance. These next 10 Issues of Volume 1 are aimed at taking you, our readers, on a punchy, inspiring and innovative perspective on performance tips grounded in sporting philosophies (adapted from The Parity between Sport and Work) – with a few surprise issues in between!

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Paladin Performance March 2016

Paladin Performance would like to use the opportunity of a monthly newsletter to enlighten you with some personal perspectives and tips on business performance within the context of what Paladin Consulting offers as a company. Each newsletter will have a particular focus, complemented by current and relevant content on subjects directly related to Human Performance in the Business Process Services Sector.

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The parity between sport and work


As an amateur sportsman and as a businessman I’ve found it impossible to ignore the lessons learnt in work and sport that are of great benefit to each other.  Being passionate about what you do, having a vision and game plan, learning to deal with the unexpected, working with others, persevering through tough times, learning to win and lose, and still remaining focused on the big prize are just some of the features common to the world of work and sport.