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Paladin Performance August 2016

The theme for this month's issue is on leadership. Not only is leadership growing in significance in the work place, its functional role is also shaping to match the changing work landscape. Paladin Performance offers some insights on how to develop leadership using a sporting analogy, as well as provides statistics to show how global organisations view their internal leadership systems.

21 Aug 2016 Written by Andy Searle In

Convivial Learning - BPS, SA

Convivial learning was the topic for discussion at the Columba Leadership Annual Investor Event, but what is convivial learning? Convivial learning, according to Columba Leadership, is the collaboration of elements of real life social challenges with workplace education: project management, critical thinking, communication, goal setting, team work, self management and leading others. This is greatly exciting for the future of the South African BPS Sector and any industries' skills development.

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Paladin Performance July 2016

Topics covered in this month's short and exciting issue of Paladin Performance: our SA Icon at the Rio Olympic Games; ​Stress and proactive ways to tackle it; the power of technology with a focus on the BPS sector; and some fast facts about the internet and social media. Don't forget to watch a great video, from the Hardvard Business Review, on turning stress into a positive!