28 Nov 2016 Written by Andy Searle In

Learning and Accountability

​Performance Based Learning and Accountability

Performance based learning is a learning methodology in which learning content and delivery are designed and enabled for a very relevant, specific and measureable outcome or goal that is competitive against your own maximum potential or higher external standard.

31 Oct 2016 Written by admin In

Paladin Performance October 2016

This issue of Paladin Performance is the last of our written newsletters for the 2016 year. It has been an exciting year sharing our passion for sport and performance, and how we correlate those components with the workplace. We focus on an interesting perspective on 'business nutrition' and how to nourish the business system with vital micro-nutrients.

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Paladin Performance September 2016

The key focus for our September issue of Paladin Performance is Learning and Development, but more specifically the possibilities of online learning. It is quite incredible what advances in technology have done for the world of education. Education is becoming far more widespread and far more affordable. At Paladin we are passionate about education, and we truly believe that education is a lifelong journey that should only flourish with time.