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Why Doesn't Training Work

Why doesn't training work?

The recipe lies in the Performance Assurance System...

 When you are ready to take the next step with your employees, partners and customers!


The Blended Learning Training Accountabilty Platform with built-in content for your performance!


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Human Capital, Blended Learning

Growing and Sustaining Your Human Capital:

Increasing Revenue through Blended Learning

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Paladin Performance February

Education, for Paladin, forms a core component of both our business consulting services as well as our new Paladin Performance Online Academy. So we bring to you research and opinion on current and relevant topics prevalent in the higher educational and workplace spheres in this edition of our Paladin Performance Newsletter. 

On the menu for this month's read:

South Africa's Higher Education Future

The Skills Gap in the Education-Workplace Value Chain

Getting "Creative" with the Rise of Automation