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Paladin Performance October

Read the October issue of Paladin Performance for an interesting look into workplace stress statistics and how to manage these stressors according to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, the rise of virtual teams and one of the keys to a successfully performing virtual team, concepts from the Outcome Guide to enhance your instructional design and learning models, and some recommendations of short courses, course specialisations and qualifications from the MOOC Coursera.


Understanding and managing workplace stress

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Paladin Performance September

Read the September issue of Paladin Performance for a light read on a variety of topics, from learning pedagogies to apply to transformative online learning, to how mobile apps can be used to build the organisation of the future and aid the employee experience, to principles of sport to apply to the world of work.


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Training Accountability Platform

What distinguishes our Training Accountability Platform from other learning systems?

Our Paladin Performance Academy is built on an internationally acclaimed and award winning learning system called the Training Accountability Platform (TAP). 

In a market saturated with learning systems, it can be challenging to decipher which system is the best, most robust, multi-functional, and suitable for your training needs. So what are the standout features of the TAP?