Why Doesn't Training Work

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Why doesn't training work?

The recipe lies in the Performance Assurance System...

 When you are ready to take the next step with your employees, partners and customers!


The Blended Learning Training Accountabilty Platform with built-in content for your performance!


Chart Learning Solutions' Training Accountability Platform (TAP) is the platform for your training department (L&D) or training company. We promise you will be up running within 2 weeks including access to 260 blended learning courses to create unique Curriculum. Our Training Accountability Platform is a robust cloud-based learning portal built to handle all types of education needs -- e-learning, blended learning with coaching, virtual class-room, and class-room training.

You can run this in your operation for employees, Partners, and Customers with your own branding and connect to your own LMS. If you want to sell training Online, then connect our built-in e-commerce and upload your content!

Awarded Leadership Content

Your new Academy will handle Blogs, Learning Communities and much much more. But best of all, it includes 260 Award-Winning training courses in Leadership Development, Sales, Onboarding and Customer Service. You can then add your own training material!


In the Chart Learning Suite, you can find the Rapid Development Tool to create e-learning content out-of-the box. You can also distribute any information to Android or iPhone utilizing the latest technology! The TAP comes in 36 languages to suit your needs!



Coral-Lee Albertse, Sales Manager, Paladin Consulting